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Put environment first in May 5 poll

The newspapers report a perceived lack of interest among the electorate in regard to the elections on May 5.

If correct, this stands in sharp contrast to the public demand in countries in north Africa and the Arab world to be given the political rights we enjoy here.

The reason given for apathy is the lack of significant policy differences between the main political parties.

It would be fair to say that the Green Party is the only party which recognises that the basis of a robust economy and human well-being is a healthy environment.

In practice, this means recognising that the interests of nature are taken into account in the formulation of public policy.

The Green Party is mindful that the world abounds with the remains of civilisations that collapsed because they failed to understand the connection between economy and ecology.

In the interests of leaving a healthy environmental legacy for future generations - and our own well-being - I urge people to vote for Green Party candidates.

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Candidate, Fermanagh District Council