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Put grit boxes before Irish language signs

In his letter of January 14, Daíthí McKay MLA has sought to misrepresent my position concerning the DRD proposal to increase bi-lingual road signage.

I embrace the European Charter for Minority Languages which recommends increasing awareness of our linguistic heritage; however, the DRD consultation document states that proposed signage will only be in discrete locations. This is a token political gesture by a Sinn Fein minister rather than a genuine attempt to increase awareness of Irish.

As a representative, I will continue to lead change to ensure that, in a time of austerity, resources are prioritised for the best interests of all. When our water service is in crisis and we lack sufficient grit boxes to keep our pavements safe in extreme weather, the DRD simply cannot afford to prioritise bi-lingual signs.

Cllr Judith Cochrane

East Belfast Alliance Party


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