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Put South Belfast at the centre of UK politics

Paula Bradshaw (Write Back, May 4) tries to smear Jimmy Spratt with the same brush that her party is trying to use to smear other candidates in this election.

Instead, Paula should focus on the issues that matter to the people of South Belfast, including planning, pensioners rights and entitlements, health and education.

Paula is an unknown and by her candidacy she is seeking to split the vote and help the outgoing MP, Alasdair McDonnell, get back into Parliament.

Let us be very clear: Alasdair is a Labour supporter and nationalist and the Conservatives and Unionists have no hope of winning this seat from him.

The only unionist who can win this seat back for the people is Jimmy Spratt. As part of a strong DUP team Jimmy will be crucial when it comes to making the hard decisions for our United Kingdom. Unlike Paula, he will not be tied to the Conservative whip and can therefore vote in the best interests of Northern Ireland and those of South Belfast.

Only a strong unionist voice, as found in the DUP, can lead the way for our country. The Conservatives and Unionists will find themselves as being small fish in an English Party. They will have no leverage or voice. What will Paula Bradshaw do for the people of Northern Ireland, in the unlikely event of her being elected, when it comes to the Tories pushing through big cuts to the Northern Ireland block grant?

This Thursday offers the people of South Belfast an opportunity to place themselves at the centre of UK politics by voting DUP.




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