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Put the Queen back into Great Hall at university

Congratulations to May Blood on getting her portrait unveiled in the Great Hall of Queen's University, Belfast.

Undoubtedly, Baroness Blood has made a significant contribution to the cause of integrated education in Northern Ireland.

Not to take away from Baroness Blood's achievement in any way, but could I venture a humble suggestion to the soft nationalist establishment figures who run Queen's?

Maybe it's time that the portrait of our Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was returned to the Great Hall?

We already have a portrait of Mary McAleese in the Hall. Perhaps the woman who is our head of state and whose great-great-grandmother, Victoria, gave the university its name, should be given her due and proper place? Knowing Queen's and its anti-unionist agenda, I shan't hold my breath.

James McAuley Kells

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