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Putting protests over Palestine into perspective

After attending a concert by Mark Knopfler on Friday, my partner and myself were strolling through Dublin on Saturday afternoon when, on the spur of the moment, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch in Powerscourt, off Grafton Street.

Halfway through a superb meal the centre was "invaded" by a group of energetic and committed young people campaigning for a Yes vote in Friday's forthcoming referendum. The entire place broke into spontaneous applause and everyone had a smile on their face.

In stark contrast to this good-natured event, about an hour later Grafton Street was taken over by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. They proceeded to drown out the light-hearted canvassing of the Yes campaigners.

When I challenged them on their one-sided polemic, I was met with a venomous response and accused of being supportive of a "baby-killing state".

As a supporter of Israel, I am aware that, as a society, it has many flaws; however, I am also aware that it is the only state in the Middle East where LBGT individuals are not only protected in law, but embraced as full and equal members of society.


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