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Queen nothing to do with united Ireland debate

As your paper reported, a 12-year-old boy from Dublin has asked Queen Elizabeth to return Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

What are children in the Republic being taught? The Queen is a constitutional monarch, not absolute. She has no political power to enact such a change.

The child, Reece Kilbride, has been wildly misinformed. This is the kind of blunt thinking and ignorance I was exposed to growing up. This 'England out of Ireland' sort of argument is illogical.

Reece should be writing his letter to the everyday unionist men and women of Northern Ireland, for it is with them the decision lies, as enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement (Article 1 (ii)).

Why hasn't the principle of consent been taught to Reece; that the power for change lies with the people and not the monarch? Why is he being taught the argument of 'Brits out' and 'Give us our land back' (albeit expressed with supreme courtesy)?

The argument is between Irish republicans and Irish unionists - not with the Queen of England.

Brian John Spencer

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