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Queen's 90th birthday marked on Passover

Not many people may realise what a coincidence it is that the Queen's 90th birthday today also falls on the feast of Passover, which is 14th Nisan in the Hebrew, or Biblical, calendar.

This is the same day that Jesus would have had the Last Supper with His disciples in the evening.

All Biblical days begin at sunset, so 14th Nisan begins at dusk and continues through the next day, when Jesus would have been crucified - all in one 24-hour period, or one Biblical day (not two separate days, as commemorated in Christendom by Maundy Thursday and Good Friday).

The fact Easter was celebrated by the Western Church a month ago and Passover is only falling now shows how out-of-touch the Church is now with its original Jewish roots.

Jesus asked His followers to remember His death "as often as ye do this" - ie. observe the annual Passover.

The Celtic Church in Ireland did this for centuries before the current Roman system came in, which tied the celebration to a Sunday in order to venerate the Resurrection.

This year is a leap year in the Jewish calendar, with an extra month added every so many years, rather than one day as with the Gregorian calendar, since the lunar months have exactly 30 days according to the cycle of the Moon. Hence Passover fell a good bit later than 'Easter'.

What a special day for Her Majesty to have her birthday. Many happy returns and Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday in Hebrew).


Bangor, Co Down

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