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Queen's should tackle alcohol abuse by students

Amendments to the licensing laws to help curb drink promotions and serious anti-social behaviour are to be welcomed.

Belfast City Council's proposal to have an alcohol-free St Patrick's Day festival (News, November 27) is also to be commended. It is about time disorderliness caused by alcohol abuse is taken seriously.

Queen's University should now be encouraged to address its alcohol problem. The university's license covers the Students' Union bars and income from the bars is the backbone of union finances.

Students are indoctrinated into the drinking culture during Freshers' Week and are tempted throughout the academic year with various promotions.

Queen's students' drunken and increasingly belligerent behaviour is now so notorious that they take a great pride in it. South Belfast residents have been asking Queen's management for years to curtail events and promotions at Students' Union facilities.

Other universities do not sponsor alcohol-related union activities, so there is no reason why Queens' Student Union cannot reduce its dependency on income from alcohol. The stock answer, of course, is that the matter is under continuous review.

Queen's recently issued an appeal for donations. The appeal seeks to 'provide the ultimate student experience'.

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Perhaps any intending benefactors could prevail upon Queen's to address its alcohol problems.



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