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Query for the double-jobbers

As an Ulsterman living in London, I would like to pose three questions to members of the DUP, Sinn Fein and the SDLP who are both MPs at Westminster and MLAs at Stormont:

1. Would it not be better if those with two Parliamentary seats gave up one seat and let new, younger faces come through the ranks and let them take the seat you want the least?

2. Now that Sinn Fein are playing a full role in running the Stormont Assembly, when can we expect Sinn Fein MPs to take their seats in the House of Commons?

3. What would Sinn Fein say to dissident republicans who say that, by accepting seats in the Northern Ireland Executive, all that Sinn Fein has done is accept the Queen's Shilling?


The Gillespie Society, London


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