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Question marks remain over HET terrorist cases

IS the secret deal between Tony Blair's government and Sinn Fein/IRA (in which the PSNI is inextricably linked) the reason why the Historical Enquiries Team seens to have only been investigating past terrorist crimes suspected of having been carried out by loyalist paramilitaries? At one time, it was reported that 70 out of 71 cases being investigated were loyalist-related.

The HET must have known (or been informed) that IRA on-the-runs, suspected of past crimes, were receiving letters of comfort and concluded that future prospect of IRA members being brought to court and convicted would be outweighed by letters held by the suspects, as now demonstrated by the John Downey case. Did the HET, therefore, come to the opinion that it was a waste of time and effort to re-examine suspected IRA crimes?

Furthermore, did the HET conspire to deny the prospect of justice for the victims of terrorist crimes; those suspected of having been carried out by Provisional IRA volunteers?


Bangor, Co Down

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