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Questions arise over Jim Allister's EU comment


Jim Allister's contention (April 3) that 'we joined as one nation; we must leave as one nation' is debatable.

Arguably, both the UK and the Republic joined the EU (EEC) on January 1, 1973, but the Northern Ireland parliament (House of Commons of NI) at Stormont was not abolished until the NI Constitution Act 1973 received royal assent on July 18, 1973, and so in fact Jim Allister's assumption can be said to be wrong, ie we negotiated and joined as two nations, and each with its own parliament - Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

A curious person might wonder exactly what the Stormont parliament agreed - or not - vis-a-vis joining the EEC, the legality of Westminster's prorogation of Stormont under the CFR & ECHR, and how these matters might affect our current situation.

Bernard J Mulholland


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