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Racing down a road of accusations and error

IN reply to Samuel Morrison (Write Back, February 11), Mr Morrison alleges that I made a number of factual errors in my earlier letter (Write Back, February 5). I wish to answer his accusations.

1. The Road Races Order 1986 does prevent Sunday racing at the North West 200 and it would have to be changed by the Assembly to allow provision for Sunday racing.

This actually happened when the Assembly made changes to the 1986 Act, by introducing the 'accelerated passage' Bill which was approved by all MLAs in December.

2. I did not suggest that, when the issue of Sunday racing first came up, it received universal support. What I did state was that, when the minister of DRD, who sponsored the Bill, commended it to the Assembly, it was agreed and passed without dissent. So the Bill did receive full support at the final stage.

3. Mr Morrison also said I was wrong to claim "all 108 MLAs were united in breaking God's Law". My point is that, if Jim Allister MLA really wanted to avoid being implicated he should have stuck to the TUV policy of no Sunday racing – not support this new law.

4. Mr Morrison further states that Mr Allister "proposed a second amendment, which gave protection to churches along the route of the NW200". This is not the case, because Sunday can still be a contingency day under the new Road Races Act 2014.


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