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Rail service sidelines Proms concert

It is most heartening to note that Translink provided additional trains for people attending the Snow Patrol concert in Bangor last Saturday.

I am sure such a service greatly facilitated those attending the event.

I, perhaps naively, thought that Translink would be providing similar additional train services for those wishing to attend the Proms at the Castle event at Carrickfergus Castle this Saturday.

This will be a large UK-wide televised event.

I did ask Translink some time ago about what additional services they intended to provide for those attending the Proms. So far, I have heard nothing and therefore can only assume the answer is none.

This is particularly annoying since I am merely asking for equality of service, not anything extra.

In any case, I thought that it was part of Translink's remit to encourage the use of public transport.

Like the Bangor event, the Carrickfergus concert provides a golden opportunity to promote public transport.

However, as we in east Antrim have come to know, Translink are highly selective in which areas they choose to enhance services.

Perhaps this is not surprising and merely confirms what we in east Antrim already know - that Translink, despite being a public service, apply double standards in their provision of rail services to north Down when compared with east Antrim.

They will deny that, of course, but this case, together with their continued use of the dregs of their rail fleet on the Larne line, speaks volumes.

Rail Equality, Carrickfergus

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