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Rally is for men who carried out terror atrocities

In Northern Ireland we tend to keep in mind past events that are noteworthy.

However, we are not exclusive, narrow or insular in our remembrance. We recall the Twin Towers bombing, the appalling London bombings and now the horrific downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine: dates, with others, that go down in infamy.

Due to our recent history there is much sympathy for those who have also suffered at the hands of terrorists; individuals often lauded as martyrs and heroes.

Sinn Fein's planned commemorative rally on August 3 in Derrylin to glorify IRA hunger strikers is in line with admiring the evil men who carried out the above atrocious acts – there is no difference. Only a political party deprived of all that is decent would want to venerate men guilty of horrendous terrorist atrocities.

Robin Newton MLA

DUP, East Belfast

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