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Rally stand was not so grand

I hope the World Rally Championship event turns out to be one of the biggest and best advertisements for Ireland, north and south.

However, those in Rally Ireland who were responsible for designing the spectator grandstands at Stormont should be ashamed of themselves. Individuals paid £27.50 for a seat which did not give a proper view of the road from a seated position.

When everybody stood, they were ordered to sit down for 'health and safety' reasons.

Some 40 minutes after the first cars had started the stage, half the grandstand spectators had left to view the event from better positions in the grounds.

To add to this, there was evidently no back-up for the public address system, so when it collapsed there was no commentary to provide spectators with stage times, etc.

While I sincerely hope the WRC returns to Ireland in future, some changes might allow spectators to get value for money.

Michael Brown, Belfast

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