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Ratepayers must help derail City Hall gravy train

We are now approaching the time when the amalgamation of part of Lisburn council moves to the Belfast site - unfortunately increasing our council bills.

God in his lofty wisdom decided to present local councillors with an increase in payments for their minimum attendances at the councils. He did not attempt to ask the electorate if they were prepared to subscribe to these new payments, or add a few amendments and sensible conditions.

We are overburdened with useless politicians, who simply occupy space and contribute nothing to our welfare. Party representation should be trimmed.

Cuts in employment will have to be made at Belfast City Council to reduce rates by at least a quarter. Our Government has proved to be totally useless - yet it comes at a hefty cost to you and me.

Campaign for a proper rationalisation. Cut out lazy staff for a start, who were costing the City Hall £3m yearly in absenteeism (and that figure was a few years ago; it has possibly risen since then).

City Hall is a gravy train. Lower rates might encourage some businesses to remain in the city centre and prevent it becoming a wasteland.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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