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Rates injustice must be put right

The anonymous letter (Write Back, October 9) highlighted the rates anomaly - the absence of the 25% single person's discount.

For those interested, the excuse given by Direct Rule Finance Minister David Hanson for depriving Northern Ireland's single homeowners of the discount was: "We have decided not to have a single-person discount in Northern Ireland because it is a blanket discount, and single-person millionaires could benefit from it, if it were applied across the board."

My question to the Minister at the time was: "What about the single-person millionaires in England, Scotland and Wales who benefit from this discount in their council tax bills?" I was not given an answer.

Single householders of Northern Ireland do not despair; I am confident that our new Minister of Finance, Peter Robinson, will see through this injustice and redress the wrong foisted on you in such a cavalier fashion.

Michael Kelly, Belfast

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