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Raw deal for man in the street

I have come to the firm conclusion that the people of this province must be extremely naive to remain silent in spite of the way they are being treated.

I refer to the disclosures by David Gordon in the Belfast Telegraph that Government bodies here have forked out £42m for outside consultancy advice.

It is also difficult to understand, as revealed in the Belfast Telegraph, how firms which have members sitting on the Invest NI board can benefit from contracts from Invest NI. These disclosures, combined with recent revelations that MLAs at Stormont are claiming expenses in the region of £1,000 per week, plus a very good salary and other perks, put into perspective the justified claim by classroom assistants for a decent wage.

Let's not forget that the MLAs were paid for many months while they were not working.

Add to that the fact that many pensioners are struggling to get by on a meagre pension and one can understand the real sense of anger and injustice that's being felt.

It's completely out of order to justify, in a population of fewer than two million, the amount of finance given to politicians.

It is even more insulting when some politicians are double jobbing or even treble jobbing.

Keep up the good work, Belfast Telegraph. And to the classroom assistants - stand firm.

P T B Belfast

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