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Reaction to events not always negative

The quoted 'onslaught' from Jimmy Spratt against Mr Allister in page 2 of Monday's Belfast Telegraph, regarding the negative content of Mr Allister's website, caused me to look at Mr Spratt's website.

Mr Spratt, a former member of the RUC who now sits with those who supported the killing of brave RUC members, has no cause to condemn anyone for what is assumed as negativity.

For has he himself not left the positive, dedicated position shown by the stalwarts of that great force to become just another pawn in the DUP machine for self glory? Mr Spratt, like his DUP colleagues, has taken the mess of pottage which is pounds, pence and position, along with the unequal yoke which will prove their downfall, as with such a yoke the stronger always prevails.

Come now, Mr Spratt, with policemen being shot and gangsterism rife and the words of Gerry Adams that "they have not gone away", can you really think that you are not negative in your co-existence with your old, and maybe not so old, enemies?

Former DUP, Millisle

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