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Reader query - Did tornado strike Belfast nursery school?

Submitted by Deborah Anderson, Principal, Brefne Nursery School, Belfast

Yesterday at approximately 3.15pm it seems that what was probably a very localised tornado tore through the playground of Brefne Nursery School and the car park of BMC in Salisbury Avenue.

It came out of nowhere and lifted our wooden playhouse, including the furniture inside, over the roof of the two storey building and smashed it to pieces in the front playground with large parts of it carried onto the street beyond the fence.

Thankfully no-one was injured by this but the playhouse was bought by parents of our 26 children back in June and the children will be so upset tomorrow to find it is totally destroyed!

Deborah Anderson

Tornado or freak gust of wind? - Did any other readers witness what happened? Leave your comments below

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