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Reason for rail line cut does not make sense

Recent reports about the Derry-to-Coleraine rail line (News, August 18) mentioned that the reason for the planned reduction in services is due to safety concerns.

The implication is that it is unsafe to run nine return services a day, but it is safe to run five or six a day. This does not make sense.

In the minister's letter (dated July 28, 2011), Danny Kennedy states: 'In conjunction with the introduction of an hourly rail service between Belfast and Coleraine ...' This is the key to the reduction in the number of trains between Derry and Coleraine.

In order to run the enhanced hourly service between Belfast and Coleraine, NIR needs an extra train set. Where will this train come from?

It will be taken off the Derry-to-Coleraine section of the line. Hence the reduced service between Derry and Coleraine.


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