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Recent behaviour of DUP far from Christian

My old Sunday School teacher was wont to ask us if Jesus had returned to earth, would we have been embarrassed at what he found us doing, or would we have been filled with joy at the return of the Saviour? I would ask those 'born-again' MLAs in the DUP the very same question.

How on earth can so-called evangelical Christians have, at best, sat silent, or, at worst, sought to justify Arlene Foster's belligerence, smug arrogance and complete lack of humility, while wildly lashing out at all and sundry in her attempt to spread the blame for a monumental blunder in the department under her watch?

The claims of misogyny and those pink glasses on a guinea pig summed up her complete and utter contempt for the electorate and confirmed just how detached she and her party are from all those decent and genuine citizens from all shades of political opinion who form the very significant majority of people in Northern Ireland.

It was in Acts 11:26 that Jesus's followers were first called Christians, because their behaviour and standards were Christ-like.

Would the behaviour of the 'Christian' DUP MLAs indicate that their chief care is to shape their lives by Christ's precepts and example?

Arlene Foster may have many Christian virtues, but, if so, she has managed to keep them very well hidden, apart from one - that of resignation.

The DUP has inadvertently invented a new political weapon called the Arlene Improvised Missile - it doesn't work and can't be fired.

Having spawned the Arlene factor, DUP MLAs appear willing to discredit their own Christian standing in order to defend the indefensible.

Shame on them.


Claudy, Co Londonderry



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