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Recent coverage seems to imply a dog's life and rights are more important than a human being's

letter of the day: editorial concern

I have been a long-term reader of your newspaper and have never written to you before, but I feel so strongly about some recent coverage that now I think it is time to do so.

Your newspaper has covered - at great length - recent events relating to a dog called Hank and other dog welfare stories. This has gone on for many days, including editorials, front page stories and inside page stories referenced on the front page.

Of course, I am against any animal cruelty and would want to see all animals treated fairly and properly.

However, this contrasts markedly with your coverage of two recent stories, where dogs killed an adult and also a three-year-old child.

These stories appear briefly in an inside page and the impression is given that you do not want to think about - never mind discuss - incidents where dogs have actually killed human beings.

These serious and important stories raise some basic questions which are skimmed over. Should the dog owners concerned be charged with murder, or at least manslaughter? Are our laws for protecting children and adults from dogs adequate? Are the existing laws being enforced properly?

I am disappointed that the tone of your coverage seems to imply that child and human life and rights are less important than dog life and rights.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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