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Recognising Irishness would protect Union

According to Arlene Foster (News, April 29), her Britishness is not just about her British passport, it's about her identity and culture and way of life: "If unionists take the wrong turn now, we could see all we hold dear threatened."

Mrs Foster's case for the Union is being aimed at people in Great Britain, "as well as our fellow citizens in Northern Ireland". Mrs Foster's "fellow citizens" here are, in fact, Irish people with their own national identity and inherent right to national freedom.

Contrary to what Mrs Foster says, the "biggest threat" to what unionists hold dear is the forcing of their Britishness on their Irish neighbours.

Ultimately, the only way for unionists to permanently safeguard and secure what they hold dear is through the principle of equal self-determination for two equally legitimate peoples - one unionist British and the other Irish (Not nationalist, not republican, but Irish).



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