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Rector wrong over Royal Black

The Rector of St Matthias, in refusing to allow or address a collective of the Royal Black Preceptory in the parish church, is all too like many ministering in the Church of Ireland today.

The washing the hands of anything to do with the band and Orange is a factor in the collapse of the Church of Ireland in north, west and most of east Belfast.

The clergy surely can engage without being enslaved to it, or any other culture? He might have welcomed them to the parish church. He might, then, have catechised them on the doctrine of the Cross from the appendix attached to Martin Luther's short catechism and the why of "when thou risest from they bed, sign thyself with the Holy Cross", similarly, on going to bed, "sign thyself with the Holy Cross".

But it is not all a matter of ritual; there are contesting social implications and he could have gone on with that. It could have stirred some to think.



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