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Red card for stadium plans

After all the hype, discussion, debacle and consultation costs (£1.5m) regarding the proposed new soccer stadium, the IFA has scored another own goal.

For almost seven years, the sporting public - especially the dedicated soccer fans of both local and international football - have waited for a definitive decision on a new ground.

Now the IFA has decided to spend £20-25 million on an upgrade for the ancient Windsor Park.What happened to the proposal for a new state-of-the-art stadium with road, rail and air connections at Sydenham? Plenty of room for a car and bus parking, plenty of space for training/coaching facilities and a modern new ground with the best of health and safety features, with possible hotel and shopping facilities nearby?

If crumbling Windsor Park is increased to 20-22,000 capacity, where will we all park our cars? Would the Government move some of the car dealerships on Boucher Road to accommodate the extra fans? Or would they even attend?

If Northern Ireland could compete in a new Olympic event for Dithering and Ducking the Issue, we could win the gold medal every time.

In less than three years, we commemorate the famous Titanic anniversary - and what has Belfast to show the world regarding the world's most famous ship? Precious little.

The IFA, like our local political, leaders have missed the boat yet again. IFA - Indecisive Frivolous Amateurs. A red card for all concerned.



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