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Red tape is blamed for collapse of wind farm project

People don't want wind turbines near them. People also don't want coal power plants, nor do they want nuclear power plants, or geothermal, or natural gas, or biomass, or solar. People want electricity in their homes, but don't want power sources near them. Typical fussy humans.

Jack Denvir

Glad to hear it. Some of these were planned off the shores of Mourne. One of NI's top beauty spots - the famed mountains of Mourne, known for their drama and play of light, sweeping down to the sea. And somebody sitting in an armchair looks at a map and says, "Yep, there's a great spot for a wind farm". The Mournes and an offshore wind farm don't go together. Quit spoiling beautiful areas. More red tape please.

Stephen Rooney

And you'll be the same guy complaining about rising energy costs no doubt.

Johnathan McGookin

Pick somewhere remote: mountainous areas such as the Sperrins, the Mournes, or offshore.

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Owen Gawith

Fracking or renewables? People need to seriously wake up.

Tricia Magee

Two years ago, the planning applications for wind turbines had a huge backlog, with many approvals, but we've yet to see that many up.

Alistair Straney

I would be happy to live in view of these. They are clean and I think rather elegant to look at. Producing our own energy means we can't be held over a barrel by greedy oil producers. Not to mention the jobs that would have been created.

Dominic Magliocco

Wind turbines cannot generate enough energy to reduce global CO2 levels to a meaningful degree; what's more, wind power cannot generate a steady output. Sustainable nuclear fusion offers a better source of green energy.

Buzz Solo

What happens on calm days? Just wondering.

Jim McKinley