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Redefinition of marriage does not grow equality

Stephen Glenn (Writeback, November 25) says not having same-sex marriage puts us "behind" the rest of the UK in "equality". Yet all of us in Northern Ireland have equal rights and prohibitions as to whom we may marry. The same principle applies in England, so what is the difference? It's not that we have less equality, but that they have changed the definition of marriage.

This shows how "equality" can be a Trojan horse. What appears as a gift with no downside is, in fact, a trick which undermines marriage by redefining it. Marriage is limited to two people because it brings together the two great halves of humanity - male and female. If we abandon the two-sex requirement, we can redefine marriage in any way. The two-people limitation will be challenged, as will sexual exclusivity and lifetime commitment.

Who indeed could be afraid of equality? But we should beware of Greeks bearing gifts.




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