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Refugee children are disappearing and we must act

The news that around 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees have vanished in the heart of Europe is mind-blowing. Children have suffered unspeakable anguish as a result of child sex exploitation.

Children are primary victims of poverty and violence and often find themselves in hazardous situations at the mercy of paedophiles and drug traffickers, as well as suffering sex slavery, illnesses and low-wage jobs.

We must also bear in mind the vast cultural differences between European and Middle Eastern civilisations, which could be exploited by far-Right parties.

The refugee crisis has reached catastrophic proportions. It has become so complex that we must now set up a comprehensive, more sustainable approach to deal with this calamity.

Hopefully the forthcoming conference in London will succeed in lending succour to Jordan and Lebanon, the countries with the largest numbers of refugees, safeguarding children from sexual exploitation and adopting strategies that are commensurate with the magnitude of this calamity.


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