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Refugees should sign a pledge to integrate in UK

The Prime Minister's knee-jerk decision to give asylum to Syrian refugees is a belated acknowledgement of Britain's calamitous interference in the lands of Islam.

From Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq that precipitated the emergence of 'Islamic State', to Cameron's injudicious regime change in Libya, the UK cannot be absolved from its lamentable role in fomenting Islamic extremism and the civil war in Syria.

Britain's noble past in affording sanctuary to the French Huguenots, European Jewry, Ugandan Asians, Vietnamese boat people, among others, should now be extended to those fleeing the ravages of both the Syrian dictator and Islamic fanaticism.

However, to preserve Britain's cherished traditions (rule of law, human rights, gender parity), mollify anti-immigration sentiments and accelerate community cohesion, these refugees must sign a binding agreement before landing that they commit to become productive UK citizens.

Refugees would undertake to become fluent in English, to integrate and respect the institutions and customs of this country and accept that, in return for religious freedom, they cannot replicate antiquated tribal habits or promote archaic ideologies incompatible with modern British values.


Director, Muslim Educational Centre

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