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Regime's violence only spurring on Catalans

Peaceful young women - just wanting to vote - are dragged and thrown on the ground in Girona by heavily armed Madrid 'police', the Guardia Civil, inherited from Franco. A badly injured man is stretchered away.

Massive crowds wait to vote, but face lines of armed goons, preventing peaceful national self-determination. Ballot-boxes and voting papers are seized - this in free and democratic Europe.

The contrast with the glory of UK democracy could not be any clearer. Scots could vote freely on whether to remain in or leave the UK.

The Madrid regime has now sown dragon's teeth. Sunday, October 1, 2017 is the day Spain died - or, rather, was killed by the Madrid regime.

Catalans who were doubtful about escaping from Madrid domination will now see it is about democracy and will not tolerate diktats from Madrid.

Madrid has thrown down the gauntlet. They have driven Catalans into the arms of the separatist movement and that is where all democrats across Europe should now stand: with them.


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