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Rehouse this suffering family

I HAVE been following the heartrending story of the PSNI constable and his family forced to moved out of their family home after dissident threats.

They were compelled to move into rental accommodation while still paying the mortgage on their home; their possessions are in storage and, with their lives totally and truly wrecked, on top of all the constable has a stroke.

One would think that compassion would manifest itself through our Assembly, Executive and other statutory bodies with all the speed this deserves.

After all, when the Roma families were terrorised out of their homes in June all these agencies, while quite rightly condemning this, put their money where their mouths were, so to speak. This man, who is serving his country, putting his life on the line, paying his taxes has been, and is still being denied his statutory right to be rehoused.

He found a suitable house, but received a letter from the Housing Executive: sorry, no money. Finished, end of story.

The family is understandably devastated. It also turns out that there are more like him, turned down, sorry no money, finished.

I listened to the constable's wife on the radio and then another two policemen's wives later.

They all had one thing in common: their way of life has been wrecked because of the chosen profession of their husbands. The bread and butter issues within the Police Service don't seem to matter and are left to fester. Something will have to be done for these families and, if the courts are left to decide, it will show how rotten our local Government really is.

It, along with the quangos, PSNI, hierarchy and statutory bodies, think they are enthralling us with their hyperbole and spin.

All they are, in fact, is a collective shower - bleeding taxpayers and ratepayers dry.




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