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Relatives of IRA must examine own consciences

IT is surprising that Sinn Fein is not blaming the Army and the RUC for the deaths of the two Castlederg bombers and demanding an inquiry into why they were not arrested before they blew themselves up.

This is Sinn Fein's ploy over the Loughgall murder gang and other such incidents – even though Barry McElduff, the Sinn Fein MLA, repeatedly claims that IRA terrorists were honourable soldiers engaged in a legal war (a claim copper-fastened by Pat Doherty of Sinn Fein last Friday on Radio Ulster).

Yet the relatives of IRA bombers and gunmen shot in the act of committing terrorism, who are now blaming the security forces for not arresting them, never thought to try to stop them from slaughtering their fellow citizens, or, as a last resort, informing the RUC of their activities.

This would certainly have saved their lives.

Perhaps they should search their own consciences first?


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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