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Religion has no basis in reality

NEARLY all recognised religions have two stories. The first is that there is a kind, loving God and the second is that there is an evil entity. We are meant to do what God asks us and reject the evil entity.

Nearly all religions also have a communal 'praying' ceremony and, if you like a bit of music and a bit of bread and wine, then there is one religion that will throw most of that in for you if you place an anonymous amount of money into a not-so-anonymous envelope.

Meanwhile, apparently, God will look down and extend eternal life to you for having religiously attended these ceremonies.

If I was to look for evidence of the existence of God, I would look to Florence Nightingale, not Adolf Hitler. The atheist argument is that there is no God because Hitler existed.

I find it next to impossible to understand how the religious orders of the world have not advanced the counter argument.


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