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Religion is at odds with reason and compassion

There may be many who are getting bored of the Christian/atheist argument, but it would seem that Stella Wilson (Write Back, September 3) needs to check her history.

As far as I know, modern hospitals, schools and universities and the legal system were not a result of Christianity. Indeed, the Romans introduced basic public health, thought and wrote about disease, educated people and had a legal system. The Greeks developed basic democracy.

What Ms Wilson is doing is ignoring the harm of religion and her comments about abortion and euthanasia are naive and offensive. Who is she to tell a woman what to do with her body? Religion seeks to deprive women of rights while the secularist seeks to empower women.

When Christians talk about a right to life, they conveniently ignore the millions who have died in the name of invisible sky gods in the past. As for the reason that only a small part of the Old Testament is quoted, that simply is not true. The atheist seems to know the Bible better than the Christian.

If the Bible is true and is the word of God (which Jesus did not change), then it should all stand up to the test. It doesn't. The Bible is littered with fundamental mistakes, contradictions and fallacies. Just like evolution: if one fossil is found in the wrong period - a rabbit with a tyrannosaurus rex, for example - then the whole idea is false.

The same goes for the Bible.


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