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Religion thrust upon children in our schools

One could not help but notice the repeated use of the phrase 'aggressive secularism' throughout the Pope's visit to Britain.

The impression given was that of militant atheists making a concerted effort to persuade vulnerable individuals away from the 'true' path.

It is, indeed, ironic that it should be Christians who are using this pejorative phrase against non-believers while their own beliefs are routinely inculcated into the minds of young school children on a daily basis.

Such privileged proselytising is particularly effective when it is delivered with due solemnity to children during their most formative and impressionable years.

The result of this conditioning process is that children remain locked into irrationality.

Rather than criticising others for exercising their freedom of speech, believers should be grateful for the opportunity which society has given them to impress their beliefs on our children before their critical faculties have reached their full development.




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