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Religions are well past their sell-by dates

So now it’s official — the Claudy bombing atrocity has been attributed to at least one principal player, in the form of a deceased priest of the Roman Catholic ‘religion’, exposing yet another example of man's inhumanity to man.

Bad as this act of inhumane butchery was, this callous atrocity has been exacerbated with its covering up by the hierarchy of the government, the Roman Catholic church, the police at that time, and possibly other faceless people.

Religious orders are nothing short of mass control of the global populace, and sadly they have failed miserably in achieving that, (at least to the people’s benefit).

It should be obvious to everyone that religions have gone long past their sell-by date.

If entry to God's eternal life is conditional on belonging to one of these religious faiths, then I will take whatever hell throws at me.

Harry Stephenson


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