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Remarks about men who served discredit Ian

Liam Clarke writes that the last three unionist prime ministers of Northern Ireland, O'Neill, Chichester-Clark and Faulkner, all sneered at Ian Paisley only to have their removal from office hastened by him (News, September 13).

Has Mr Clarke forgotten that Paisley did much worse than to sneer at them?

In an interview with the late Jim Dougall in 2007, Ian Paisley called them "traitors".

Terence O'Neill fought in Normandy in 1944; James Chichester-Clark was wounded in Italy in 1943 – his injuries hurt him for the rest of his life; Brian Faulkner ran a factory which made shirts for the RAF.

Ian Paisley reached his 19th birthday in the spring of 1945 but did nothing at all for the war effort.

His vicious remarks about men who served their country when he failed to do so should discredit him even in death.

cdc armstrong


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