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Remember God on Pancake Day

This year, Pancake, or Shrove, Tuesday falls on March 8. This same Tuesday is also linked to the carnival of Mardis Gras, which is an outlandish festival mainly held in New Orleans.

To look at some of the costumes, one would hardly deduce that there is any religious connection and probably very few of the participants have God on their minds at all.

Mardis Gras was brought to Louisiana by French settlers and the term means 'Fat Tuesday' in French. This is where the tradition of pancakes arose.

People will blindly follow such traditions, yet completely ignore the many other things that God actually commanded in the Bible.

The necessity for pancakes is pretty much obsolete as few people fast nowadays for 40 days as they did in medieval times.

How many people consider that the recipe for Hot Cross Buns made with yeast completely ignores the fact that at Passover, one of the central stipulations commanded by God was that the bread must be unleavened, which in the Bible is a symbol of sin?



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