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Remember our Titanic heroes

Born in our city; woven of steel and rivets, of pride and money, of sweat - and of blood. Hammered into being by the Iron Men, master shipbuilders of that world - and of all others since.

And with her, with the Astors and the Thayers, the Wideners and the Guggenheims, into the ice heart of the Atlantic went the nine men of the Island Yard, seen there no more, and others, engineers of the ship itself; all of our own blood. None survived, hands working pump and turbine to give men, women and children a last chance for life.

Parr, Chisholm, Frost, Knight, Campbell, Watson, Parkes, Cunningham, Harvey, Ervine, Simpson, McReynolds, Creese, Millar, Fitzpatrick, Beattie, Leonard, Scott, Calderwood, Turley, McQuillan - and Andrews. They are nearer, my God, to Thee.

trevor killen Ballynahinch, Co Down

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