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Remember the impact vote has on our animals

Whether you love or loathe politics, the general election on May 7 is a matter of life and death for many animals.

The badger cull may be halted, continued in the two pilot zones, or rolled out across the whole country depending on the outcome.

Similarly, the Hunting Act may be strengthened, remain as it is, or be scrapped altogether.

To animals in the wild, on farms, in laboratories and in our homes, it does make a very real difference which party comes to power.

To help animal lovers decide where to place their cross, Animal Aid has launched a new website - www.VoteforAnimals.org.uk. Visitors can find out the parties' animal-related policies, how their own MP has voted on key animal issues and what campaigns he, or she, has supported.

They can contact their MP directly and also find out who the nearest rival is. We hope voters will remember animals as they vote this May.


Head of campaigns, Animal Aid

Belfast Telegraph