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Remembering the symbolism of Easter eggs

We read of 85 million Easter eggs sold in the UK. Sweet eggs of chocolates and candies only became popular less than 100 years ago and are now a health and dietary issue.

Easter eggs are widely used as symbolising the start of life - just as new life emerges from a fertilised egg in the form of a chick.

The concept that every living being comes from an egg is a fundamental belief of modern biology.

Easter egg games are traditional all over Europe - egg hunts, egg dances, egg rolling and egg tapping. The latter is continued to this day, each Easter, on the lawns of the White House. Decorated Easter egg trees are popular in Germany.

In the Orthodox and Eastern religions, Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ and the hard shell symbolised the sealed tomb of Christ, the cracking of which symbolised His resurrection from the dead.

The egg is a powerful symbol of hope, at Easter time, to Christians and believers everywhere.


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