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Removing Hamas from Gaza the obvious answer

USUALLY I do not bother to answer attacks from people who don't have the guts to put their names to their opinions, but I feel it necessary to comment on the disingenuous letter from AJC of Belfast (Write Back, August 27), who wrote: "Today, another small country – smaller than our Causeway Coast area, but with a population similar to here – suffers much worse violence than we did, with the equivalent of an Omagh atrocity happening every day.

"We remember with horror when three children were murdered in Northern Ireland, but in the past six weeks, 469 children have been killed in Gaza."

At least AJC admits that there is a fundamental distinction by contrasting those "murdered" in Northern Ireland with those "killed" in Gaza. However, the answer to his/her question – "What should we do?" – seems obvious: we must remove Hamas, which is primarily responsible, from its control of Gaza, or at the very least disarm it.

The tragic deaths and destruction are a direct result of its deliberate policy of siting its rocket launchers in schools, mosques, hospitals and apartment blocks and preventing civilians in and near them from leaving when urged to by the Israeli air force.

Once this happens, life in Gaza will have some chance of returning to the relative normality existing prior to Hamas' violent seizure of power in June 2007 and its campaign of shelling Israeli civilian communities.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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