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Report shows Ombudsman is a 'shambles'

THE finding by the Police Ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire, over the 'Good Samaritan' bomb (News, July 10) indicates that he, too, is not fit for purpose.

Blaming the RUC for not second-guessing where the Derry IRA had planted a bomb says it all.

In that era (1988), the Derry IRA were relentless in attempting to murder bomb-disposal officers, soldiers and RUC members in the Bogside.

Normal policing, such as door-to-door investigations and detailed forensics of bomb sites, were impossible in what was a very hostile area.

Not a single member of the Bogside community would offer the security forces the time of the day – never mind help them with their inquiries.

Dr Maguire emphasised that retired RUC officers had not co-operated with him, but failed to say if the Thompson sub-machine-gun-wielding OC of the Derry IRA had come forward to assist.

Or was he off-limits in the name of 'peace'?


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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