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Republic must think hard about refugee intake

Here in the Republic we have been debating the number of refugees that our sense of humanity requires us to take in. So far we have gone from 600 to 5,000 to 80,000 to no upper limit and seem to have settled for 3,000.

More attention needs to be given to Ireland's traditional neutrality in respect of foreign conflicts. We send peacekeepers, but not combatants, to troubled parts of the world.

We ought to maintain our neutrality in respect of the combatants in the Middle East, and especially in respect of America, France and the United Kingdom. Thus we ought not to be mandated by Germany in the number or choice of refugees that we take.

Ireland does not share a common border with any European nation other than that of the United Kingdom as a consequence of partition. It would seem desirable to co-ordinate our own policy in respect of refugees with that of the United Kingdom.

Gerald Morgan


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