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Republic needs an alternative to IMF poverty

The IMF-EU policies will not solve the Republic's problems, but only make them worse.

Around the world, there is vast experience of the consequences of the imposition of the policies of the IMF. It has left a trail of destruction, with hundreds of millions of lives driven into abject poverty and hunger.

It has taken decades for countries in Latin America to recover from the ravages of the policies imposed on them and it is only by rejecting those policies that any recovery has been achieved.

Much of the improvement in the last decade is due to the emergence of radical governments committed to putting the people first - not the banks.

It is clear that all the main political parties in the south are content to allow the EU and IMF to decide the future of our people and the destiny of the country.

They have all agreed, to a greater or lesser extent, that whatever the EU wants and needs for Ireland, they will comply.

Unless there is a radical political departure and the development of a people's alternative economy, tens of thousands will leave the country, while more will will be driven into poverty. There must be a better way.




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