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Republic should apply to join the Commonwealth

Gerry Adams & Co have put the people of this island through hell over the last 40-plus years to achieve Ireland's independence. But, whether Mr Adams likes it or not, the Republic of Ireland today is governed by the European Union, which they voluntarily joined.

So, irrespective of which party is successful in forming the Republic's government after the next election, its governance will still be obedient to EU's rules.

Likewise, a similar scenario awaits the successful politicians in Northern Ireland, whether it is a single-party majority or a coalition that will be in government. It will still be obedient to Westminster and the old adage comes to mind: "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

As it stands, one way or the other, the people of the 32 counties of this island have, at present, no choice but to accept that powers greater than they hold will have a controlling factor in their lives.

I believe it is fair to say that the people who vote for Mr Adams & Co have no love for anything British. Equally, it can be assumed that those who would vote for Mr Robinson & Co hold similar views of the European Union.

At present, the economy of the EU is in tatters, bordering on collapse, whereas the economy of Britain is on firmer ground (and possibly set to rise further). Should the EU collapse, the Republic of Ireland would become worse off than Britain. Here is an opportunity to unite the people of Ireland by the Republic applying for membership of the British Commonwealth.

Socially and economically, it makes sense. At least, it does to me.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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