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Republic should re-enter UK fold

Who would have thought, when the IRA killing machine was at its peak, that today not only would Sinn Fein be in the Stormont Government helping to administer British rule, but in the forthcoming Euro referendum would campaign as pro-unionists?

For them to celebrate the 1916 rebellion is an act of hypocrisy. Those rebels died for nothing. The independence which cost them so much was soon sold to Brussels and now republicans have abandoned the idea of a nation once again. Irish independence is not even on their radar; they are happy to promote servitude to unelected Eurocrats.

Surely it is time for unionists to campaign for the return of the Republic to the UK fold? If they so love the EU they should cherish us more, with a common language, wars fought against a common enemy and our Judaeo-Christian heritage. The war cry "ourselves alone" has long been consigned to history.


Dromore, Co Down

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