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Republican politicians took away Irish freedom

If there was an opportunity to cement relations between the Republic and Northern Ireland, then the Queen has provided that opportunity - not only by her visit, but also by her humanitarian expression of words and deeds.

Hence, the choice for or against Ireland's unification now lies solely in the hands of the people.

While I acknowledge that this will take time, I believe the longer the present violence continues by the dissident faction of the IRA, the greater will be the barrier to such unification.

Sooner or later, the penny may drop on the dissidents that the people of Northern Ireland and/or Britain are not their real enemies.

No. The people that took away Ireland's freedom (and make no mistake Ireland has lost its freedom) were its own republican politicians, who deliberately manipulated and coerced its people into becoming members of the European Union.

These same people, who pledged responsibility to their electorate to get elected - the same electorate that put their trust in them - sat idly by as the financial rogues (and rogues they were) plundered the very last euro that the citizens of the Republic sweated to achieve. Ireland's greatest problem is now a financial one, but it must also create a state of stability and a nation to be proud of.

Unification will then follow, when the people in Northern Ireland see that the fields are truly greener on the other side.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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