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Republicans can give us the truth about Claudy

So Bishop Daly has doubts about the accuracy of the Ombudsman’s report into the activities of Fr Chesney, particularly in relation to the Claudy bombing.

This is totally understandable, especially if Fr Chesney, in an interview with Bishop Daly, told him face-to-face that he wasn’t in or involved with the IRA.

Yet Bishop Daly would, I’m sure, be the first to admit Fr Chesney wouldn’t be the first priest to lie to a bishop.

So how can the pain of the Claudy victims be eased? Simple: by those in the know, the members of the South Derry brigade of the IRA, telling the truth.

This is the moment when the IRA can really put the past behind us. The answer to these questions will begin to prove republicans are serious about truth.

Clive Kirkwood


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